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Temporary relocation of emergency gynaecology services

To ensure we continue to maintain patient safety, all emergency gynaecology services at the Alexandra Hospital have temporarily been relocated to Worcestershire Royal Hospital.

This arrangement started at 3pm on Thursday 6 August and will remain in place until midday on Monday 17 August.

This temporary change in service will be reviewed daily, and is likely to affect up to 10 emergency patients per day. 

Full obstetric, maternity and neonatal services have been maintained on both sites.

Rab McEwan, Chief Operating Officer said: “In the last week, we have been unable to staff two obstetric and gynaecology inpatient sites, due to a shortage of middle grade and junior doctors. 

“This shortage of doctors is being experienced nationally, not just in Worcestershire, and temporarily moving emergency gynaecology services to one site allows us to maintain full obstetrics and maternity services at both Worcestershire Royal Hospital and the Alexandra Hospital.

“Patient safety is our main concern, and we apologise to any patients who are inconvenienced by this temporary change to services.”