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Information for Health professionals

Please send referrals for our bariatric surgery service to:

Dr David Jenkins 
South Worcestershire Centre for Diabetes and Metabolism
Aconbury East
Worcestershire Royal Hospital
Charles Hastings Way


If you would like advice regarding potential referrals into our service or to discuss the management of patients post-operatively, please contact:

Emma White 
Bariatric Specialist Dietitian
01905 733965

Karen Abolghasemi-Malkekabadi 
Bariatric Clinical Nurse Specialist 
01905 733965 

Useful information for GPs

Patients are seen pre-operatively and reviewed regularly for two years post-surgery by our bariatric surgery team. Patients require their regular medication to be converted to a liquid, chewable or dissolvable form for four to six weeks post bariatric surgery and lifelong vitamin and mineral supplements. 

Details of these will be communicated on an individual patient basis but the guidelines below may be useful for additional information.

British Obesity and Metabolic Surgery Society Guidelines

The guidelines below are produced by The British Obesity and Metabolic Surgery Society to provide consistent advice for patients following bariatric surgery.

Emergency management of bariatric patients

BOMSS Guidelines on peri-operative and postoperative biochemical monitoring and micronutrient replacement for patients undergoing bariatric surgery

10 top tips for managing bariatric surgery patient-information for GPs