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£24,000 cancer screening machine donated to Worcestershire Royal Hospital

Patients being screened for breast cancer at Worcestershire Royal Hospital are benefiting from a newly donated £24,000 ultrasound machine.

The donation has allowed more breast clinics to be carried out each week and because it is portable, offers flexibility to staff who can move the machine from clinic to clinic.

Dedicated breast care staff will use the machine daily to help diagnose early signs of cancer in breast clinics.

Donated by the Friends of Worcestershire Royal Hospital charity, the machine will be a new addition to the hospital, improving how patients are diagnosed and treated.

Chair of the committee, Eluned Smith said: “We are very pleased to be able to give this donation today for this new machine. This is a very important addition to the hospital so are thrilled to have been able to raise this money.”

With the recent announcement of the new Worcestershire Breast Unit getting the go-ahead to be built on-site at Worcestershire Royal Hospital the machine will move over to the Unit upon completion so that all breast treatment is carried out in the same location.

Consultant Breast and Reconstructive Surgeon, Rachel Bright-Thomas said: “I would like to thank the Friends for their extremely generous gift of this funding for a new portable ultrasound machine for the breast clinic.

“I truly believe that this will improve overall patient experience, both in the one stop clinic, dealing with post-operative complications and in monitoring patients on long term medical therapies.

“It is particularly useful in the assessment of disabled or elderly patients who may find it difficult to get to other hospital departments in a single visit. The machine has now arrived and works beautifully.”

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