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Nursing students in Worcestershire receive ‘gold standard’ training

Nursing and midwifery students in Worcestershire are receiving a ‘gold standard’ induction to their training placements thanks to a pioneering new scheme in Worcestershire hospitals.


Practice placement team webThe practice placement team at Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust have received glowing reviews for the specialist induction process they offer to new nursing and midwifery students starting their placements in the county’s three acute hospitals (Alexandra Hospital, Redditch; Kidderminster Hospital and Treatment Centre; and Worcestershire Royal Hospital).

The team’s induction process was described as the ‘gold standard’ after they presented at a regional conference on best practice. Health Education West Midlands - the body who oversee the training of student nurses and midwives in the region - have also shared the team’s practice with the Learning Education Training Committee.

The inductionprocess has also received a wide range of positive feedback from the students themselves, who all fill out a review of the process upon completion.

The bespoke experience for both nursing and midwifery students is separate to the formal trust induction which all staff must undertake and prepares the students for their practice placements on wards and departments around the county.

Student midwives and student nurses specialising in either adults or children receive the tailored induction from the practice placement team. The process enhances the development of the training relationship between the student and placement team which helps students progress in their placement.

One key area the induction process has clarified for students is the information link between their University and the Trust, allowing them to receive integrated messages about their course and their placements.

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