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Grateful family donates toys worth £500 to children's clinic

Children's specialists at Worcestershire Royal Hospital have welcomed a £500 donation of toys from Odette Wilcox and family, as a thank you for the care the hospital team provided for her daughter Maggie.



Bernie Maggie Odette and Mel Childrens Clinic Donation

Three-year-old Maggie has Food Protein-Induced Enterocolitis Syndrome, known as FPIES. It's a severe and rare food allergy, where specific foods can cause diarrhoea and vomiting and in some cases, life-threatening shock.

To assess the condition, children are put on a strict elimination diet. Foods are then reintroduced one at a time, in order to pinpoint the cause of the allergy.

Maggie's mum, Odette Wilcox said: “Maggie was very poorly as a baby, and we've been coming to the children's clinic since she was four months old. It was tough to go through the elimination diet, and reintroducing foods afterwards was scary, but the support from advanced nurse practitioner Mel Chippendale was amazing.”

Play specialist Bernie Wickson also made a big impression on Maggie, Odette said: “Bernie makes appointments so much fun that Maggie doesn’t realise she is in hospital. The whole team has been so supportive, we wanted to give something back. So we got our extended family involved in fundraising!”

Maggie’s family raised over £1000 by doing a sponsored run and a large raffle. The money raised from the raffle was doubled by Barclays through their employer match funding scheme, thanks to family member Pennie Atkins.

The funds raised were then split, with some going towards raising awareness of the condition through the family’s charity FPIES UK, and £500 used to buy toys to benefit other children using the Worcester clinic.

Advanced Nurse Practitioner Melanie Chippendale said “I am so grateful to Odette and her family for this donation, it’s really kind. We know that children get scared in hospital, and that experience can affect them for a long time. We do everything possible to make children feel relaxed, and we’re pleased that Maggie is doing so well now.”

To find out more about FPIES visit www.fpiesuk.org.

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