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X-PERT Insulin

X-PERT Insulin is suitable for people with type 1 or type 2 diabetes on any insulin regimen.

DAFNE is usually more suitable for people with type 1 diabetes who are on multiple daily injections.

X-PERT Insulin is held for 2.5 hours each week for six weeks. The course is run by a diabetes nurse and diabetes dietitian who have undergone additional training to run the programme.

Summary of the programme

You will learn about the up-to-date treatments and management of diabetes in an interactive, informative group environment.

Week 1: Diabetes, insulin and healthy living

What is diabetes, the role of insulin and the diabetes health profile, healthy living: eatwell plate and physical activity, what I am eating

Week 2: All about insulin

Insulin-specific challenges with self-managing diabetes, hypoglycaemia / hyperglycaemia – Ketoacidosis (DKA) & HONK, exploring insulin – onset, peak and duration, regimens and devices, my insulin injection technique

Week 3: Know your carbs

Identification of carbohydrate foods and drinks, carbohydrate counting – estimation, calculation and reading food labels, self-monitoring blood glucose, meters, frequency of testing technique and safe sharps disposal, My “what should I do?” scenarios

Week 4: Inspiration for insulin

Troubleshooting: strategies to take control, “Inspiration”: a game for insulin X-PERTs covering everyday scenarios, what troubleshooters may work for me? MATCH IT challenges

Week 5: MATCH IT – taking control

MATCH IT: My diary, my diabetes – A day in the life of..., a chance to learn and share, apply troubleshooters to MATCH IT challenges

Week 6: Are you an insulin X-PERT?

Game: MATCH IT 24/7 to challenge real “living with diabetes on insulin” situations, What did I learn from troubleshooting the MATCH IT challenges, The way forward