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X-PERT Diabetes

X-PERT Diabetes is held for 2.5 hours each week for six weeks. The course is run by a diabetes nurse or diabetes dietitian who has undergone additional training to run the programme.

Summary of the programme

The X-PERT Programme is based upon the theories of patient empowerment, discovery learning and patient-centred care. Its main aim is to develop the knowledge, skills and confidence in participants to enable them to make informed decisions regarding lifestyle and diabetes management.

Week 1: What is diabetes? Digestion and blood glucose, exploring medications and how they work, health results - what do they mean?

Week 2: Eating with diabetes, physical activity, weight management, how to assess your diet

Week 3: What are carbohydrate (starchy and sugary) foods and their effect on blood glucose? What carbohydrates are you having?

Week 4: Shopping for foods, reading and understanding food labels, understanding the traffic light system, guideline daily amounts and nutritional labels, dispelling the myths

Week 5: Low and high blood glucose levels, prevention of the complications of diabetes, special considerations when living with diabetes

Week 6: Are you an X-PERT? game - questions and answers, making plans and setting goals for change

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