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Young people's charter

Our young people's charter, written by young people, for young people.

We should have privacy when we want it or when we need it.

We should be looked after with other young people of similar ages.

We should have somewhere to go to chill out and chat with our friends.

Our opinions should be asked and listened to.

Our care should be planned with us and we will stick to that plan.

We need to feel able to ask questions.

We need to feel able to approach doctors or nurses for help and advice and know that anything we say will be treated confidentially 
unless you think it puts us or others at risk or in danger.

We want our friends and family to visit and be able to keep in touch us and visit us if we want.

We should be treated politely and with respect and we will treat others the same

We should have a voice that will be listened to so that care and facilities may be improved