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Adult / Children Audiology / Hearing Aid services

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Direct Access Audiometry

If you would like us to check a patients hearing, but you do not think they are a hearing aid candidate, please refer them to us for direct access audiometry. We will test their hearing. Then depending on the results we will either discharge them back to your care or refer on to ENT.

Direct Access Hearing Aid Provision

If you have a patient who is 18 years or older and you consider them to be a candidate for a hearing aid, please refer them for direct access hearing aid provision. In this appointment, we will take a history, complete a questionnaire so we have more of an idea in what situations they are having hearing problems. Test the hearing and if appropriate take mouldings of the ears for hearing aids. If any contra indications come to light we will refer on to ENT.


This appointment is for an existing hearing aid user, who feels that their hearing may have deteriorated. We test the hearing, make sure that the ear moulds are fitting correctly and then either reprogramme the aid, or consider a different one if needed. Patients can self refer for this appointment.


All hearing aids should be serviced every 6 months, to make sure that the aid is working to the best of its ability.


If the hearing aid stops working or a patient is having problems with the aid they can be booked in for a repair appointment, where we can check the aid and hopefully solve the problems, or if needed, rebook them for a further appointment.