Key Documents

Key Documents

Key Documents are used by health professionals at Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust for a wide range of conditions, treatments and tests. You can find our Key Documents here.

Worcestershire Treatment Pathways

Treatment pathways are a simple flow chart, with each stage of the patient journey mapped out. These have been created to reflect National recommendations and bring together local policies, procedures, patient information and contact information.

Treatment pathways will assist with the standardisation of care across Worcestershire and improve communication between primary and secondary care services

The information included within these pathways is for use by clinical/specialist staff.  If you are a patient requiring information, please refer to the relevant patient information leaflets and discuss with your clinician.

Our clinical guidelines, policies and procedures can be found on Worcestershire Treatment Pathways.

Worcestershire Formulary

This Formulary is intended for use by staff working within the Worcestershire area, in either Primary, Secondary or Mental Health care Trusts and is available via the Internet.

The aim of the Area Prescribing Committee is to manage medicines usage across the Worcestershire Health Economy. The central principles of rational prescribing and medicines use, namely clinical and cost-effectiveness, appropriateness (including convenience), safety and financial management, will guide the thinking and outputs of the Committee. The membership comprises of representatives from Worcestershire Primary Care Trust, Worcestershire Acute Hospitals Trust, Worcestershire Mental Health Partnership Trust, and a lay member.



4ward is our Trustwide culture change programme which is helping us build a more positive, supportive workplace for the benefit of our patients and colleagues. At its heart are our four 4ward Behaviours.