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Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust

Carers' Charter and Policy

Carers' Charter

A carer is someone who provides help and support to an adult or child, relative, neighbour or friend, who could not manage without their help.

If you are a carer, our staff will ensure you are:

  • identified and their caring role recognised

  • treated with dignity and respect

  • listened to and valued

  • supported to continue their caring role within the hospital

  • given information on what help is available after discharge

Do you need...

  • Help to understand the hospital process?
  • Information on what support is available to you?
  • Support to plan discharge?
  • Benefits information?

If so we can help:

We recognise the stress and anxiety that going into hospital can cause you and the person you care for.

Carer Champions (based on the wards) can signpost and refer you to appropriate carer support services.

What you are entitled to

We value you as a carer and reply on the knowledge and experience you have.

You can ask:

  • for the name of the nurse or doctor looking after the person you care for
  • for updates on the person that you care for
  • to complete the About Me lifestyles and capabilities booklet, which will help our staff understand the needs of the person you care for if they cannot tell us themselves
  • for advance notice about discharge planning for the person you care for
  • if you are entitled to concessionary parking
  • to stay with the person that you care for
  • for regular drinks and meals if you are supporting the person you care for on a ward

Page last updated: 09 February 2015