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New blog post from Chief Nurse, Jan Stevens CBE

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Jan Stevens CBE, Chief Nurse

Yesterday (Wednesday) I spent the day at the Alex and my experience compelled me to search for this quote and share it with you. 

I met passionate people and saw the inspiring consequences. After I went to meet some of our ward sisters and charge nurses at their development day, Sol Jeewa, Charge Nurse on ward 12 invited me to visit his ward. 

Under Sol's leadership the ward has created an End of Life room that had previously been used as offices. Away from the hustle and bustle of the ward is a calm peaceful room kitted out with the facilities for relatives to stay with their loved ones in the last days of their life. The family member I spoke to in that room spoke so highly of the care and I know will remember the dignified and peaceful death that will inevitably happen.  

I then spent time with matrons Emma and Mark, who are in the middle of transforming how we manage medical emergencies. This is difficult stuff, but they are passionate about doing this because they know that when it is completed it will absolutely improve the care we can give to patients. This will make things better for staff and even improve efficiency and waiting times - a triple win - well done guys, keep going!

Finally I met Andrea Madkins the ward clerk on MAU. In her spare time she makes all sorts of things - she calls them "twiddle cushions", she makes them for patients with dementia. When I arrived she had just spent half an hour with a patient - calming them with kind words and one of her cushions - she was passionate about this and full of ideas about what else she could do - simply inspiring.

I know there are so many people in our trust just like the ones I met today who are doing fantastic things to make life better for patients, I applaud you all and thank you for what you are achieving. All of the people I met just thought they were doing their job, and maybe they were, but I came back to write this, feeling great pride and was definitely left inspired.

Don’t bring flu into hospital

Flu kills
Influenza (flu) is contagious and largely preventable. If you have symptoms of flu do not go to A&E or visit family and friends in hospital - you could pass it on to someone else.

Recognise it

The symptoms of flu include:

  • Sudden fever
  • Cough
  • Sore throat
  • Runny or stuffy nose
  • Body aches
  • Headaches
  • Fatigue

Contain it

If you have these symptoms:

  • Do not attend A&E or visit family and friends in the hospital
  • Contact 111 or your GP for further advice
  • If you are otherwise fit and healthy there is usually no reason to visit your GP
  • The best remedy is to stay home, keep warm and drink plenty of water
  • You can take over the counter remedies to lower temperature and relieve aches
  • You should visit your GP if you are over 65, pregnant, have underlying medical conditions or a weakened immune system


  • Catch it - Use a tissue for coughs and sneezes
  • Bin it - As soon as you can
  • Kill it - Wash your hands with soap and water

Changes to maternity services

To enable us to provide safe care, we have temporarily transferred all births and obstetric inpatient services from the Alexandra Hospital in Redditch to Worcestershire Royal Hospital. 

All antenatal clinic and day assessment appointments will continue in the same venue.

Click here for the latest update.

Click here for more information.


Alexandra Hospital

Woodrow Drive, Redditch, B98 7UB

01527 503030

Wards at the Alexandra Hospital


Worcestershire Royal Hospital

Charles Hastings Way,Worcester, WR5 1DD

01905 763333

Wards at Worcestershire Royal Hospital

Car parking concessions

If you are visiting an immediate relative who is a long-stay patient or you are a patient receiving regular treatment, you may be eligible for a reduced-fee parking pass.  

Further information about car paking concessions is available here

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Page last updated: 28 April 2016